Being a stylish woman (or man, for that matter) requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and professional help. Numerous pampering services, visits to New York hair salons, spa, and waxing procedures, as well as shopping trips to the fashion boutiques, are a must. However, there is also a pressing need to look neat and gorgeous all the time. It means knowing how to use makeup to hide some of the features and enhance others; not to mention, makeup can add some points to your overall style. Here are 5 makeup trends you should try out!

  1. Bold Eyeliner

Don’t know how to attract more attention to your eyes? Add killer eyeliner! A bold, clean, sharp wing is a must in your makeup routine. Not everyone will be willing to rock this look on a daily basis, sure. Although you might want to consider working on the skill in your spare time. This particular detail can make your eyes stand out more while making you look fierce and edgy. Ditch the subtle “barely there” wing. Go big or go home, right?

  1. Dark Matte Lips

You might not be ready to paint your lips black, but you sure as hell can paint them blood red. Dark shades of browns, purples, and mauves are extremely popular and can take your style to the next level. Opt for long-lasting matte lipsticks to avoid unwanted smearing and streakiness. Nothing screams sloppiness more than random lines all over your face and bleeding lipstick. Add a couple of those to your makeup collection for the occasions when you need the trendy “vampy” look. Once again, this trend might not be for everyday wear. Don’t buy a bulk if you are not ready to use them frequently. Find one or two shades, which make you feel attractive. Don’t waste money on something you are not going to use.

  1. Contouring

First invented by drag queens, contouring became extremely popular thanks to Instagram. Nowadays it is pretty much a staple among makeup artists around the world. Used to define and even change the bone structure of the face sometimes, contouring and highlighting can transform you. Apply the darker cold brown shades to the areas you want to appear smaller and bring out the ones you want to intensify with the help of highlighters. There is an extensive range of products designed for this particular purpose. Research the brands or visit your local drugstore and pick up a contouring palette. Be sure to choose the shade suitable for your complexion, though. Stay clear of warm browns; they are good for bronzing but are completely unnatural for creating shadows.

  1. Natural Look

“Natural makeup” is another trend among beauty community. However, don’t be fooled by the name, for there is almost nothing natural about it. You still need to apply layers upon layers of makeup products to achieve the “bare” face. Even out your skin tone, use concealer to get rid of all the blemishes and dark circles under your eyes. Then set it all with a powder, bronze up, contour and highlight, and paint on some blush. Make sure to use natural brown and beige colors on your eyelids, slap on a natural-looking pair of eyelashes, and you are ready to go. Don’t forget to apply the nude and pinkish lipstick before leaving the house. Slather on some lipgloss while you are at it too. That’s it, your natural look is complete!


  1. Divine Glow

Highlighting and strobing are recent makeup trends as well. The idea is to apply lighter, shimmery products on the higher point of your face. Your cheekbones, your forehead, the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow, and your chin. Some prefer the more subtle look; others apparently are trying to blind people around them. They color choice is overwhelming. Makeup companies come up with a wide range of shades, so there is a chance you will be able to find something for yourself. Whites, golds, silvers, and lilacs – all of these can turn your skin into pure heaven.

Here are 5 popular makeup trends from http://lerevehairsalon.com/ you should try to incorporate into your beauty routine. We are not saying you must follow any of them but maybe look and see whether you like them or not. Who knows, you might actually have some fun while at it too!