Business Formal Attire

A business formal dress code augments the proficient image of your workplace atmosphere and your personal brand.  This page offers style strategies for on-campus actions where this dress code is vital. The descriptions on this page aid define “business formal.”

The Look

Clothing must be crisp, neat, pressed as well as never wrinkled, to project a proficient, “business formal” appearance. Torn, dirty, and matchless clothing is intolerable.


The standard clothing code in a business formal atmosphere is a complete matching business suit, counting a jacket and dress pants or else a dress skirt. The blacker the suit, the more formal!

A dress pant or else skirt with matching jacket is measured business official for women. Depending upon the season, jackets might be ¾ length or else short sleeve. A crop pant suit is furthermore suitable, though the pant hem must hit mid-calf as well as this style is not suggested in an interview set. Skirts must always sit at or else just above the knee. A collared blouse or else dress-material top is suggested, and must either be tucked in or else fall just below your waist. Tops must never hang underneath the hem of your suit jacket, or be so small that they appearance your stomach. Always be careful that dress shirts are not too enlightening in any business setting. Pantyhose are not essential, though during the fall and winter periods, darker pantyhose or else tights are suggested when wearing skirts.


Depending upon the color or tone of your suit, a black or else brown belt must be worn. Colored or white belts are not suggested. Never wear white socks through a suit. Dress socks must always be worn, rather in a tone matching your outfit and shoes. When in hesitation, wear black dress sock. Elective accessories for men comprise cufflinks or a pocket-square. The material must match the tie. If preferred, women might wear simple and stylish jewelry; chunky and/or lively accessories are not suggested.


Shoes, boots, flats, open-toed plus closed-toed shoes in a leather or else dress material are suitable and must be clean and polished.

Jewelry, Makeup, Perfume

These must be in good taste, with restricted visible body piercing. Makeup must be used minimally to signify a natural look. Remember, certain colleagues are allergic to the chemical in perfumes plus makeup, so wear these elements with restraint.

Religious as well as Health Accommodation

Should a bona fide pious practice, belief or else legitimate health requisite conflict with the dress code, sensible accommodations would be made.

Women’s formal business attire is usually conservative, dark as well as restrained. Numerous of the rules for business formal menswear furthermore apply when choosing women’s formal business attire, such as classically tailor-made, coordinated outfits with knee or else calf-length skirts, ironed blouses with conventional necklines plus classic closed-toe, low-heeled leather clothing shoes. Hosiery, no perfume and slight jewelry is favored, and hair must be neatly fashioned. This formal dress code creates an ideal first impression on proprietors and is appropriate for women in any kind of office profession — from an entry-level managerial assistant to an attorney. For more info visit