Complement Your Bridal Gown with the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Complement Your Bridal Gown with the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Walking down the aisle signifies the end of singlehood and the beginning of marriage life. During this important transitional period you need to be perfect. Your wedding gown, wedding shoes, bangles and other accessories need to be great. That is the reason you need to choose everything carefully.

Every woman loves shoes. Apart from signifying a woman’s class, shoes also bring the confidence in a woman. No wonder many women will focus on shoes during your wedding day! As a bride to be, therefore, you must not forget your shoes in relation to the success of your wedding. You must ensure that your bridal gown and other accessories are well complemented by your shoes.

Due to their importance, it is absolutely important to take time to choose your wedding shoes well. You don’t want to make mistakes at this point. A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The shoes you wear will go down in history as the ones that assisted you walk down the aisle. Those shoes will also be documented in pictures and videos, which future generations will have a look at.


What to do then?

  1. Know your dress early and match with your shoes 

The dress you wear will affect the type of shoes to wear. Some dresses will fit some shoes while other dresses will not. It is good to shop around for your wedding gown and know how to link it with your shoes. At this stage you need to think about the height, the design and the color of your dress. When you are buying wedding shoes ensure that they will complement your wedding gown perfectly.

  1. Be comfortable 

The biggest issue is not how you look, but rather how comfortable and confident you are. People that are confident get away with many things. In fact, most fashion designers and stars had to be confident before their outfits were accepted by the public. During your wedding day you will need to lead the way. When buying shoes, therefore, you must factor in comfort. You should buy shoes that you can comfortably walk in. Do not limit yourself to flattened shoes only if you are comfortable with heeled ones. Heeled shoes can give you extra height and confidence during your big day. Basically, choose wedding shoes that you will be comfortable to walk in for long hours without straining.

  1. Know the measurements of your dress 

Your dress’ measurements can affect the height and the type of shoes to wear. It is important to take your dress to your shoe designer so that he can help you with making the perfect shoes. Your shoe maker may alter the design of your shoes based on the design and the measurements of your wedding gown. It is important, therefore, to ensure that you don’t forget your wedding gown when visiting your shoe maker.

Wedding Shoes

  1. Fit your shoes

Your wedding day is not the day to wear your shoes for the first time. If you wait until the date of your wedding, you may not have a chance to rectify mistakes. This means that you’ll be forced to work with what you have. It is good, therefore, to fit your wedding shoes together with your wedding gown and see how comfortable you feel. You also need to see whether your shoes complement your wedding gown. When you are making this decision do not do it alone. You should involve your friends, relatives and neutrals. This will help you to know for sure whether you will look great or not.

  1. Have a pair extra 

Unexpected things can happen during your wedding day. Your shoes may get torn for one reason or the other. Having a backup plan is a great idea. Another pair of shoes will act as leverage in case your wedding shoes get damaged. Because of this, the extra pair should also be equally good. You need to make sure that the extra pair of shoes can match your wedding gown and complement it as the primary shoes. If you like, you can go for the same type of shoes as an extra pair.

The above are some of the tips to help you complement your bridal gown with wonderful wedding shoes. Remember wedding shoes are a part of your wedding accessories. You need to make sure that other accessories, like bangles and chains, are perfect for the big day. This will ensure that you’re stunning from each angle.

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