FLO Accessories and Why They’re So Cool

Everyone likes looking good, including men, but you have to have the proper tools in order to look your best. Good grooming shouldn’t take a backseat to what you can take with you, and for those traveling by plane will be happy to know there are effortless beauty products that are TSA approved for carry-on bags. This means you can do final touch-ups as needed before you de-plane.

Fly with FLO

FLO has also seen the need for a better way to wear perfume that is travel-safe. Too many times, a larger bottle of perfume or cologne gets broken during loading and unloading of luggage, and not only are you out the money spent on your favorite scent but now everything in your suitcase smells overpowering. Hopefully, nothing was ruined if this has ever happened to you.

FLO Accessories’ answer is beautiful jewelry that is hollow. The interior is where you place a small pouch that you’ve placed a few drops of your favorite scent on. It will let your perfume or cologne waft out for about a week. These come with more than one of the small pouches so you can change your scent without needing to mix them together.

For those who prefer to wear their scents in the traditional way, FLO has that covered, too. They’ve designed not just atomizers for a quick spritz, but also a roll-on ball dispenser. Fill these up for an unbreakable, and TSA-approved, travel-ready bottle of scent, ready at your disposal.

Shaving is an ongoing chore for most of us, including men. Because of this, FLO Accessories has us covered too. They offer different shavers that charge up in about an hour just by being connected to your computer or laptop through a USB cable. No need to have an extra outlet in the wall just to charge these. The charge holds for a long time, too, making them perfect for other trips away from home, such as camping. Now you can still shave with an ‘electric’ shaver, even while out in the woods with friends. Oh, and this is also TSA-approved, as well, and there are two shavers for men, and one for women, at FLO Accessories.

All of the items at FLO Accessories are perfect not only for flights and hotel stays, and also camping, but also when visiting family out of town, or having guests who may have forgotten their own beauty care items.