Get that Glow! Powder Highlighter for Oily Skin

Get that summer glow by strategically placing highlighter on key areas of your face!

Amp up your glow factor with Powder Highlighter from Mattify! Cosmetics!  Not only does highlighter provide a refreshed look to tired skin, it can also accentuate your best features and distract from those you would rather downplay.

X   Add a bit of highlighter to inner corners of eyes & around brow bones, to instantly illuminate the eye area & brighten your entire complexion.

X  Sweep some highlighter along your cupid’s bow to give lips more dimension, allowing them to appear more plump and curvaceous.

X  If you have a wide nose, dust some highlighter on the tip. This provides a slimming effect by drawing attention to the central portion of the nose, thereby visually shrinking its width.

X  If your face is wide or oval shaped, apply highlighter to the outer apples of cheeks. This brings attention up toward the eyes, minimizing face width and length.

Combination and oily skin types should avoid liquid or cream highlighters, as they can cause skin to appear greasy. In addition, they can mix with skin oil and foundation, clogging pores and creating a greyish muddy overlay. In contrast, Powder Highlighter imparts a satisfying glow on any skin type, without causing breakouts or looking oily.

Extra Tip for Fresh Looking Skin:

Want to amp your natural glow factor to the max? Add Mattify Cosmetic’s “The Exfoliator” to your daily cleansing routine. This luxurious apricot & bamboo facial scrub to removes old dry skin cells and helps purge blackheads from pores.  You’re left with a smooth surface that encourages complimentary products (such as toners or serums) to thoroughly absorb into skin cells, and allows foundation to glide on, for a seamless look.

Combine the powers of Mattify’s Stobing Highlighter with this luxurious scrub, and you won’t be able to contain your glow!