How to Clean and Care for Your Designer Handbags

How to Clean and Care for Your Designer Handbags

Chanel. Fendi. Hermes. Prada. These aren’t just handbags, these are works of art! And like any work of art you want to take extra special care of it so it will last a long time.

A designer handbag is a thing of beauty but it won’t do any good to leave it on the shelf at home. It’s meant to be used on a daily basis, so you’ll have to take a few precautions to prolong the life of your bag. Begin with and inexpensive bag liner. This will not only protect the fabric of your handbag but it will help you stay organized.

Be careful about what you toss into your bag. Liquids like perfume, lotions and lipsticks can open in transit, destroying your designer handbag. If you must carry your makeup, put it in a waterproof zipper bag first.  Also, be extra careful with pens and sharp objects like nail clippers, pins, and metal clips. Some stains can be removed but a puncture is forever.

You should also be wary of where you put your handbag while you’re on the go. Don’t set it on the floor or the ground (you have no idea what people could have tracked in before you got there). And keep it away from water (fountains) and heat (outdoor heating units and grills).

Even at your most vigilant, accidents can happen and when they do you had to act fast to keep minor damage from turning major. Mop up spills while you’re out or use a damp cloth to wipe away foreign matter. If your bag is leather, use a leather cleaner made for handbags to removed stains. Then follow up with a leather conditioner to keep the material soft and supple. For a cloth bag, try using a stain remover towelette like Shout Wipes to attack just the section of the bag that needs cleaning.

As much as you love your designer handbag, you may want to switch it for another now and then to go with the season or just for a change of pace. Before you store your bag, empty everything from inside (a bag liner makes this so easy) and fill the bag with bubble wrap. Don’t overstuff the purse. Just put in enough to hold the natural shape. Then cover the bag with a dust cover. A good designer bag should have come with one, if not pick one up at The Container Store. Their drawstring bags have a place for a description and photo on the outside so you can tell which purse is which without opening the bag.

Finally, store your designer handbags in a cool, dry place – not in the attic or the basement. Heat is hard on leather and if moisture seeps in your bag can get moldy. Best place is probably on the top shelf of your bedroom closet.

A designer handbag is an investment, but if you care for it properly, it will last a lifetime!