Products you should avoid to have a beautiful hair

If you want to have strong and healthy hair it would be better for you to avoid these harmful foods

Every woman loves her hair, because it reflects her personality, lifestyle and character. In fact haircut you choose can tell a lot about your tastes, temper and taste. Major modern haircuts require thick and long hair, but what if you don’t have such, but desperately desire to wear some of them?  Don’t be upset! At hair salon upper east side we know how to help you to reach your dream.

Most of us think that making your hair grow long and healthy is quite a difficult task which demands a lot of hair care products like masks, conditioners, serums, creams, oils and so on. But, let’s not forget about nourishing your hair within, because it has much better effect than any kind of masks.

Most of us know that some products like fish, proteins and greens stimulate hair growth and make it look shiny and healthy, but not many of us are aware of the fact that there are some products with quite an opposite effect. Foods that slow down growing processes and block your hair follicles should be excluded from your daily ration. In other case you can forget about long and shiny hair.

Check out list of harmful products created at hair salon upper east side see if you have any in your fridge. Throw them down immediately and add some greens and fresh meat instead.

#1 Sugar

Sugar, as you, probably, know is not a very useful product at all. You have understood it in childhood, when your teeth were damaged by caries, because of thousands of sweets. The same thing happens with your hair and skin. It can be a surprise for you, but such skin problems as acne and zits are also caused by sugar. Even bigger surprise for you is that sugar damages your hair. How can it happen, if we don’t see any surface negative effect (like with teeth and caries)? Eating a lot of sugar provokes your organism to produce special hormone that destroy hair structure and block follicles. So, if you want to have long hair, say strong NO to sugar (or, at least, shrink your daily dose of it).

#2 Low protein foods

Protein is like a base for your hair, and if you want it to be strong and attractive, you are to consume a lot of it. So, make your hair get it both from the outside (masks and creams) and from the inside (high protein containing products). Foods that do not contain a lot of protein have a lot of carbohydrates that influence bad on your hair. If you are fond of pasta, cornflakes and white dough we have bad news for you. Of course they are very delicious and even more, they contain some nutritional components, but if your ration is overwhelmed with them, you should change it now. Eating a cake, if you have a bad day, it is OK, but don’t take it as a habit.

#3 Vitamin A

Strange, yeah, how vitamin can ever be harmful for us? The answer is simple: too much is never good. High level of vitamin A in your body means dry and weak hair. Here is how high level of vitamin A affect the hair follicles: it shrinks the size of the sebaceous glands. These glands provide moisture to your hair and make it grow healthy. In case of shrinking them down, you hair stays “hungry” and dry what makes it impossible to grow.

Now you know why your hair is so weak and thin, while you are trying to make it grow. Get rid of these products and you will see the difference.

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