Repairing Damaged Hair by Alternating One’s Diet

Our hair is damages over and over again by blowing driers, hair products, polluted air, temperature contrast, and other factors. When damage comes to its worst point, every one of us starts thinking on cutting or repairing it. Those who choose the latter have a chance to achieve their goal in a natural way.
There are two key parts of repairing damaged hair naturally: external and internal nourishment.

Different masks from oils and other smooth products will help your hair recover from the outside, but the inside will come to norm only when you change your diet for better. This will not only help you recover your hair, but also will maintain its good quality constantly and make it more resistant to further damages.

There are two types of vital elements you have to provide yourself with to achieve repairing damaged hair:

• Macronutrients
• Micronutrients
The first type includes healthy (mostly unsaturated) fats and high quality proteins. The second stands for vitamins and minerals you get from your diet. Supplying yourself with clean proteins and fatty acids will help you immensely.

Of course, quality is the most important when it comes to a healthy diet. Eating “healthy” products of poor quality won’t benefit you in any way. So you have to know where to get those organic clean foods. The greatest option is to buy organic products at specialized shops, such as There you’ll find a wide range of legumes, nuts, dried fruits, and other good sources of healthy fats and vitamins. This service provides you with explanations on every product, information about healthy eating, reasonable prices, and free shipping if you’re from the US. You can change your diet for better in a couple of clicks!
Products for Repairing Damaged Hair

Healthy Fats
One of the best sources of those is olive oil. It contains omega-9, omega-6, and plant form of omega-3 fatty acids that will nourish your hair greatly. It’s also full of vitamin E that is deemed the vitamin of beauty. Olive oil will help you protect your hair from any further damages, too.

Nuts and Seeds
Aside from unsaturated fats, these products are also a good source of high quality protein, minerals, and vitamins E and B. The best choices for your hair will be walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and pine nuts.

In case you tolerate seafood, make sure to take the most from them for your hair. You’ll get much iron from these products – it will improve blood circulation in your scalp that will promote hair nourishment and better repair.

Include peas and beans into your diet for repairing damaged hair and you’ll get lots of good protein and iron. Legumes can help your hair grow faster and recover your scalp for better hair repair.

By including all these products into your diet, along with classic fruits and vegetables, you will repair your hair from many types or damage and secure it from future problems. Your hair is your treasure, so make sure you’re taking a good care of it.