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Shop Etre Cecile Lines - IFCHIC

Contemporary, versatile, evolutionary, dynamic, these are the words that best describe a woman who isn’t afraid to create her own identity to match where she is in her life and where she’s going. IFCHIC is a brand for just such a woman; through a carefully curated selection of diverse designer brands IFCHIC is there with her from first career through to motherhood and at every point in between.

Many modern women go through similar transitions, from busy, working women to mothers, and can range from officer workers to artists and designers. One thing they all have in common is the need to look stylish and professional, no matter what stage of their life journey they are on.

One designer that sits perfectly with this type of modern woman is Etre Cecile. Conceived in London but with a uniquely French style Etre Cecile creates stylish, ready-to-wear pieces with 1960’s Parisian heritage and cleanliness of modern French style. Starting with just luxury t-shirts the brand has grown over the years and is one of the top labels carried at ifchic.comIFCHIC

One of the most classic Etre Cecile pieces that are as versatile as the brand itself is the Mega Ohm boyfriend sweatshirt. Light and casual it can be paired with a variety of bottoms. This sweatshirt is so very classic Etre Cecile in it’s laid back yet stylish design. Anyone who knows fashion will instantly know this look.

Another lovely piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion is the black tank dress. Perfect for spring/summer and even mild falls this dress epitomizes the versatility and direction Etre Cecile is growing as a one of a kind French inspired brand. IFCHIC

With constant splashes of humor and light-heartedness Etre Cecile is not an overly serious brand, which means it’s not for the overly serious women either. Everyone needs to be able to step back and have a little fun once and a while, no matter how committed to ones career a woman may be.

From t-shirts to sweaters to dresses, Etre Cecile has a variety of offerings that harmonize perfectly with the IFCHIC image and the IFCHIC woman. Finding a designer that can carry over between both the relatively casual and the semi-formal all while retaining their original brand spirit is extremely rare yet Etre Cecile is able to pull it off.

Finding a brand that works with your lifestyle and matches the complex and ever changing pace of your wardrobe is key in identifying a go-to brand to return to year after year. If you look hard enough you will undoubtedly find many such brands at and be able to keep your wardrobe fresh (and full) for the next stage of your professional journey.

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