So You Have A Date…

With dating apps, dating websites and friends who set you up with mutuals, a first date could be in your near future. Dating in 2017 is a different landscape than courtship in any other decade. Social media makes it nearly impossible to be a stranger to anyone. You seemingly can know everything about your potential suitor, from a quick or extensive scroll through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. In hindsight, this should make dating easier; however, meeting someone with hopes of building an intimate relationship can shake up some nerves. Use the following tips to prepare for your first, but hopefully not last, date.

Playing It Safe

Another advantage of modern technology concerning dating, besides the ability to view social media profiles, is the tools for safety.  Be sure to send a good friend the date, time and location of a first date for safety measures. Someone may be dreamy and seem harmless, however, meeting anyone for the first time is a potentially dangerous situation, especially when meeting online.  Most smartphones have the option to share your location with a member of your contact list for a set duration of time. Use this to your advantage.  Hopefully those coordinates do not have to be put to use, yet having them in place offers a peace of mind. Feeling secure is the first step to a flawless first date.

What To Wear

The biggest drama most face when preparing for a date is what to wear.  A first impression is the greatest impression and nobody wants to miss style points. Of course, proper attire varies per date. The same outfit worn for a first date in the park would probably not be appropriate for a first date at an upscale restaurant. Without considering location, there are common factors in proper attire for any date. Keeping your clothing comfortable is key. A first date may not be the perfect place for a new dress that may or may not fit properly or new shoes that may torment your feet. Wear a comfortable outfit that you have shined in before for instant confidence.

Hair And Makeup

Finishing your look with the perfect hair and makeup is the final step in preparing your first date appearance. Unlike with clothing, it is fun to do a quick hairstyle change or experiment with new makeup before a first date. One style option to give a try before a first date is luxury hair extensions. Luxury hair extensions add length, body and fullness to any hairdo. A new hairstyle with the addition of hair extensions can boost your confidence, and doing so before a date is perfect timing. Ask your stylist about crown extensions that can be vital for your whole summer or customizable clip-in extensions which can be installed at will.

Conversation Points

Now that style is taken care of, you have to actually talk to your date. Looking great is only half the battle. Intuitive and enjoyable conversation is the winner. This can be the most intimidating factor. There are certain topics to introduce and others to avoid on a first date. Asking a date when they would like to have children may be intense so stick with basic questions that allow you to get an accurate read on their values and lifestyle. If you are not good at making small talk, use their social media profiles to your advantage. If your date has recently shared photos from a concert, talk about the artist.  Spark conversations from things from their social profiles and start thinking about what you are going to wear on the second date.

My name is Christopher Guest and I write for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.