Stylish Ways to Wear Plain Tees this Summer

What would the world be like without the plain tee? Dismal. The tee is a vital and versatile part of every wardrobe. We miss them desperately during the long winter months and stare at them longingly as they lay folded away in our drawers.  We can hardly wait for the first day that looks like it might be remotely warm enough to slip into our long, not so lost friends. If your tee game is still thawing from this past winter, below are some stylish ways to flaunt a favorite wardrobe staple this summer.

The Skinny Jean’s Best Friend: Okay, so skinny jeans have lots of best friends, but the plain tee is the ride-or-die best friend forever…for real.

Any Jeans, Seriously: Whether they are stone-washed, faded, ripped, or perfectly intact, a plain tee only makes these good things better. Combing through history, it has been proven that the plain tee and denim combo is infallible.

That A-line Skirt with the Funky Pattern: You saw this skirt with those crazy shapes and colors and you knew you had to have it. But it’s hung in your closet for ages as you’ve pondered what could possibly complement it. Wonder no more… plain tee to the rescue! Pick a shirt color that highlights one of your skirt’s accent colors or keep it simple and classic with a white tee.

Bringing Back the Bermuda Shorts: Headed to the beach or just want to look like you are? A plain tee with a pair of Bermudas will keep you cool and enjoying the breeze. Variations on this look also include board shorts, swim trunks, and bikini bottoms.

District Clothing

The Mini-Skirt: Pick a skirt with any fabric and any pattern—trust me, anything from cotton to denim to leather to sequins to feathers will pair perfectly with a plain tee. Combine it with your go-to tee and you have a casual, chic way to show off your gams. Enough said?

Sleeveless Hoodie or Cargo Vest: No one has to know that you’re headed out to lunch (and not an athletic adventure in the woods). Kudos if you actually are going hiking. Layering a hoodie or vest over your tee creates a sporty, relaxed, yet put-together look.

The Lightweight Blazer: Life is hectic. Who has time to run home for a wardrobe change during the short months of summer fun? The right tee can get you through your daytime engagements. Adding a classic blazer can elevate your outfit to take you from day to night looking confident and chic.

One More Nod to Denim, the Jacket: Pairing your favorite tee with an 80s throwback jacket will never get old. This timeless combination will keep you cozy, stylish, and ready for the summer night chill. Thank goodness for fashion comebacks. Also, see “Any Jeans!” above.

The list could go on and on. Cargo pants. Capris. Print pants. Billowing skirts. High low skirts. And let’s not forget overalls (and overall shorts). Denim shorts (really, that’s the last nod to denim). Tuck your tee or let it flow. Knot it on the side (long live the 1980s and rock ’n roll). Just like you, the tee makes it all look good. For more adoration of the plain tee and ways to wear it this summer, go to the source with the folks at District Clothing.

Author Bio: Hector Allister is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, California. He focuses primarily on the fashion and interior design industries. When not writing, he enjoys swimming, tennis, and traveling.