Summer dress color trends for 2017

4 coolest shades of this summer

This summer you are welcomed to a season of color confidence. Eye-popping fuchsias, zingy yellows and tropical greens now rule.

This season takes fashion back to the drawing board by redefining a confident look with strong colors, exaggerated lines, metallic effects, graphic prints, bright candy pinks and sunshine yellows. You just need to find a proper summer dress in one of colors of the season.

Wondering which are the most adorable colors this summer?

At the top of the list for the trends of the season is pink, for example candy pink, baby pink, pale pink, deep cherry and raspberry.  These colors provide a sweet new way to see fashion through rose-tinted glasses. With a rose-colored dress you should wear some nude accessories. It will look great.

Metallic shades are hot right now! These hues are considered to be in trend, because they can bring some unexpected, edgy, and even futuristic vibe to your style. If you’re brave enough to wear the metallic color, then go for a silver dress on your summer looks. For a casual street style, opt for a metallic silver dress with loose and relaxed silhouette. You’ll surely make some heads turn!

Greenery – a yellowy-green shade it is the color of the year, the color of nature, which means by surrounding yourself with it, you’ll feel one with nature. For an outstanding appearance you should totally choose a greenery dress. Also, feel free to wear whatever shade of green you want this year, but mix it with other nude accessories or clothing items.

Summer looks bright  - yellow it is also in trend this season! From lemon to fluorescent, yellow was a chromatic shot in the arm that lit up the runways! Yellow is bright, loud, it’s in your face- it’s a bold color and it’s not something you wear if you’re trying to play safe. If you’re planning to wear a yellow dress keep it simple by pairing it with brown and gold accessories. You will have the appearance of a goddess!

Don’t be afraid to wear bold colored dresses this summer! You will look absolutely great, especially if you style them with nude accessories and jewelry – the perfect recipe for a stunning look!