The Couture Poetry, LLC –Clothing store online

The Couture Poetry, LLC is an exclusive cross between a consignment store and a thrift store however the clothing, accessories, plus retro home wares are reasonable and either new or else practically new.  All of our stuffs are based on elegance, condition, sell ability, and wear ability and handpicked to create you, the client, feel good around what you are purchasing.

We bring a exclusive combination of matters from numerous stylish ages to the island  A pleasingly curated mixture of old and new, up cycled, handmade, edgy plus eclectic, our collection features equipment, home décor, manifold clothing lines, jewelry, accessories plus gift items.

Our passion for all stuffs vintage assorted with clean lines as well as certain contemporary design sentiments has shaped a style all on its own…which clarifies Richard Sepcic & Faith McGary ‘s inspiration to coin the exquisite slogan, ‘A Grace Is Born’.

Here at The Couture Poetry, LLC we object to provide a fun and attractive environment while also offering guidance on modern plus vintage styles.  Working hard to make a dialogue with our clienteles, The Couture Poetry can be found on  twitter, tumblr, facebook, our blog, and on youtube.  We hope you check us out!

Couture Poetry, LLC has been a go-to source for the truthfully fashion obsessed. Whether you aare a collector of iconic designer styles from the like of Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent + Valentino or else are seeing to stock your closet with the eventual in vintage statement fragments, Couture Poetry carefully curated assortment of vintage clothing is supreme.

Couture Poetry is your one stop online endpoint for on trend vintage as well as one-off contemporary indie design for cool gals in the know.
We source, elegance, re-make and design cool attires with a youthful rebellious soul and a playful attitude!   Couture Poetry is made up of a small however dynamic group who travel the domain sourcing as well as hand selecting exclusive pieces for the style forward, free thinking girl with an aware.

Couture Poetry, LLC is democratizing style one indie, vintage, as well as retro-inspired elegance at a time!

We welcome you to our delightful world of exclusive clothing, accessories, handbags, as well as shoes, wherever fresh floral designs and flirty design flourish, as well as fun frocks and superbly flattering swim wear spring in to style. Couture Poetry, LLC offers an exciting and attractive online shopping experience for everybody in search of attractive clothing with extraordinary flair. Loads of darling designs are added every day, so check back frequently for our faultless pieces of statement jewelry, the dresses you have been dreaming of, fashionable vintage pieces, as well as an ever-expanding array of exclusive clothing. We are your sweetened source for women’s dress and unusually cute fashion!

With global shipping options, Couture Poetry is on top of the domain! Our worldwide community is always rising, so we’re pleased to be able to ship exclusive items from independent designers and attractive attire to numerous countries worldwide.