The Pros and Cons of taking a Biotin Hair Supplement

The Pros and Cons of taking a Biotin Hair Supplement

Hair is one of the most important parts of our body that define our beauty. A healthy and pretty head of hair can make a person feel more attractive and confident. It is no wonder that people spend hundreds of dollars in hair salons to take care of their hair. A lot of effort is put in to enhance the charm of the hair: styling, straightening, curling, extensions, and coloring are just examples of the things we do.

Simply, we just want to make our hair look great. However, the greatest look is the pretty-but-effortless look. It is always a natural look that makes people look back twice. Excessive chemical treatments at the salon may make hair beautiful, but it will never be enough to grow strong healthy natural hair.

Biotin may be the solution for this. There has been a trend in the use of biotin for hair lately. It is also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. It is a water-soluble vitamin B, and just like other B vitamins, biotin plays an important role in cell growth. It is also a catalyst of fats and amino acid metabolism which are the ingredients of protein. In short, biotin helps our body cells grow and develop. We can find Biotin hair product reviews for various products.

A deficiency in biotin brings very bad effects not only for our hair but also other body parts. It will create dull hair, hair loss, dull skin, and a feeling of tiredness and lethargy. Because of this, many people like to take biotin supplements. Supplements are available in pill or capsule form. They are marketed not only as a cell metabolism helper but also hair growth product.  How effective are those supplements, anyway?


Biotin capsules

There are various kinds of supplements containing biotin out there. I would recommend a biotin-only pill or capsule to begin with. It contains no other additional nutrients, just pure biotin. Sometimes, the pills or capsules also contain beeswax or gelatin, though, so vegans need to read the labels carefully.


From many testimonials of actual people who use biotin supplement for their hair, we can generally conclude that this vitamin has a real impact on hair growth. The impact is generally positive. It helps the hair grow healthier.

It has been proven that people who take biotin usually found out that their hair grows faster and thicker. Each strand is also stronger, preventing hair fall as a result of excessive combing and styling. People who have biotin deficiencies are proven to experience the biggest benefit of this. However, people with no such disorder also report the same good effects.

People who have problems with growing hair should definitely try biotin supplements. Unlike using hair treatment products, biotin works from the inside. Therefore, it works faster and more effectively. On the other hand, since biotin is not a harmful chemical product, we don’t need to worry that we are putting our hair through a stressful chemical process.

Besides hair, biotin is also good for the nails and skin. Just like hair, when we take biotin supplements, our nails will be stronger and grow faster. It does the same thing with the skin. Biotin keeps the health and moisture of our skin. It can even remove stretch marks.


Despite all the good things biotin supplement does to our hair and skin, it can also cause some bad side effects. For some people, consuming biotin supplements gives them pimples. The acne can even be a terrible breakout.

However, it is possible to avoid the negative effect. Taking a lot of water during biotin treatment can be very helpful in avoiding a breakout.  The other important point is to only take the pills according to the recommended dosage. If we don’t, the side effects will appear and make the experience uncomfortable.