Things to know before dating American military man

Things to know before dating American military man

While there are many reasons to date an American military man, there will always be a few things that one has to be vigilant and careful about when dating a military man. There are a few things to know when you begin with as solid of a guy as an American military man. Girls may find a military guy smart for obvious reasons and there will be a flood of wedding photos of girls with military guys. American single girls are usually drawn like moths to a military, but there a few things that they should know before they start dating American military guys. Not to belittle or deter anyone, just a little heads up and know how for many girls out there is in the following,

Since most military guys are always on the go, they have transfers made in the very unexpected and unprecedented moments; you must be ready for it. American military men may not always be there for you to cuddle because of staying away from home. Get yourself a teddy bear to snuggle in such days because you may have to bear the pain of them staying away from you for long hours. A long distance relationship will be your fate contrary to what you have always wanted.

They won’t be there the whole time when you need them the most. Often one’s presence is sufficient to comfort the wounded souls, but when you date American military men, you have to decide for yourself. The guy being away for job may not be standing next to you always.

Military men are different from the regular guys you date girls, they have their own life, own discipline and own rules. Just be ready for any unforeseen situations and unknown traditions. They will break your traditions and normal dating habits and rituals according to their own. American military men do not come with a rule book, or instruction manual so be prepared for anything unexpected. Be prepared for any surprises.

You may not always fit in with the military culture. Your partner or your boyfriend may take you along in the parties and dinners but just make up your mind that it is always not going to be in your favor that you will be able to mix with the different class of people. Mixing up with American military culture is often too hard for most girls so that is a little heads up for you.

Autocracy or bureaucracy, call it whatever you like, but American military men are accustomed to such a behavior and they keep their dealings in that manner. They might order you for various errands and things, so do not be startled at that, because it is absolutely normal for most American military men. They do not mean to be rude or offensive; it is only the way they have been groomed. They have been disciplined in that way so they react in their normal lives in such manner which most girls find too bossy, but it isn’t.

There are a lot of options for you when you pick a guy to date, but the discipline and look one finds in American tall handsome military men can be found nowhere.