4 Best Types of Hair Extensions

4 Best Types of Hair Extensions – Are you one of those women who are interested in applying hair extensions? Just like the name, this is basically a method to lengthen your hair instantly. This method is very effective and fast particularly if your hair is short enough and you are really bored with it. However, hair extensions have some risks as well particularly for the health of your hair. Based on that fact, it is important for you the best ones of them that are recommended to be applied. So, what are they?

For you who need hair extension only for certain time or not permanently, this type is really recommended. The hair extension consists of the hair itself and some hairclips. The way to connect it with your original hair is by clipping them using the clips. Of course, although it sounds so simple, you must be careful. It is better to ask the hairstylist to do it for the best results. The wrong clipping can make the result is not tidy and even damaging your original hair. Grab Cheap Clip in Hair Extensions Product Recommendations on Hairexten.com.

Bonding Extensions

This method is done by weaving or sewing both original hair and hair extensions. Different from the nature of sewing in which you may use thread for attaching both. In hair extensions, it uses hair glue. However, it is not about making the hair is attached each others. it must be done as neatly as possible just like when you sew or weave. The benefit of this method is that it is lasting longer.

Sealing Extensions

This is quite similar to bonding extensions. It can perfectly be on your hair up to six weeks. In other words, it is a semi-permanent extension. Surely, you must be really careful while washing the hair since it is not impossible that the attachment is separated.

Fusion Extensions

Compared to the bonding and sealing extensions, this one is more permanent. It can be last for 2 or 3 months. The method is just the same actually, it is by using glue. But, your own hair is being twisted before the additional hair is attached. This is what makes the hair extensions are more durable and able to attach better. The cons of fusion extensions are due to the application of various chemicals. The glue itself can stick very strongly along with the application of heat during the attachment. That may cause hair loss and scalp irritation as long as you still use these types of hair extensions.