5 Beard Designs to Look At Your Best

The way your beard appears might determine people’s reaction towards you. Over the years, the trend in beard style has evolved into what we have today. In the old days, the royal, the moustache and the soul patch all enjoyed their minutes of fame but they are no more these days as they seem a bit strange or are only a representation of the old times now. However, a few facial hairstyles have stood the test of time and many men are relying on them today to look their best. Here are 5 of some of the best beard designs to make you look at your best.

Short Circle Beard          

If you are looking for a beard type that will give you that neat look, conceal skin that’s prone to breakouts or give a more masculine jaw line, the short circle beard is a good option. However, if you are considering keeping one, you must be ready to give it a lot of attention, so if you are somewhat lazy about facial hair care, you should avoid this. Short circle beard requires regular trimming, shaving and shaping with the tools needed for these.

Tidy Moustache

In the realm of moustaches, you are most likely going to get an out-of-control beard if you don’t know how to take care of it. The moustache is one of the oldest beard types. Many frightful variations of this hair style have been concocted down the years but the one that is straight across, covering only the upper lip is still the style that suits this beard type most. Anything else would appear too retro.


The goatee has been around for many centuries in various styles, a testament of its timelessness. Traditionally, it was defined by facial hair on the chin only. These days, it is not weird to see this facial hair style with a moustache. The goatee’s surprising versatility is one of the reasons the goatee is a go-to facial hair style fit for any era. It can be worn razor cut and well groomed or slightly scruffy. Men with rapid hair growth can transit to another hairstyle in a week or two.

Five O’clock Shadow

This is the hair style for men with facial hair that grows very quick. This hair style is virtually impossible to pull off if your growth of facial hair is not tremendously fast. The major benefit this look offers is that it’s a much more serious and polished look than the intentional stubble, but hints at your virility at the same time.


Stubble never disappoints in style no matter the look. Whether it is well groomed or disheveled, it gives of that rebellious, bad boy sex appeal that women love. It doesn’t even matter if you are the type of guy that prefers peppy sweaters and slacks over t-shirts and torn-up jeans. The hair is favored by men because while it gives off that manly appeal, it doesn’t require too much commitment to keep up. Trimming the hair regularly helps avoid giving the impression you are not showering.