Bejeweled- The Art of choosing the right Fashion Jewelry

Women love their jewelry and it is not an easy task to pair the right set of ornaments with the right outfit. Fashion jewelry has come of age and it tends to change as the seasons go by. Whether you are a working woman, a bride to be or a fashion conscious mom one needs to keep up with the times and educating oneself is the key to enhance one’s personality and style through jewelry. I’m sure every mom has been through a phase where you keep staring at the mirror and are thoroughly confused with the accessories to match your outfit. You are clueless and wonder if someone could come to your rescue. This article will help you with all the assistance that you need in picking the right fashion jewelry.

Choose it right

  • Ask yourself the kind of jewelry you want to wear. Do you want it heavy or do you want it subtle? Do you want it to match your outfit or are you ready to step out of the box
  • Think about the event or occasion that you are planning to wear it for. An oversized chunky piece may compliment if you want to let your hair down and party but it may not be ideal for a traditional affair
  • Always try on the jewelry that you have chosen and take an opinion on whether it suits you
  • Get your preference on the metal that you want to wear. Do you prefer silver, brass, steel, gold or costume jewelry? Nowadays, there are various choices available in retail and wholesale fashion jewelry market, so you can always find the right one that best fits.

Enhance those features

Women, especially fashion conscious mothers have always worn ornaments to enhance their looks and appearance. From wooden trinkets to diamond earrings the sole purpose of jewelry has been to add that glow and charm to your personality and beauty. Moms like to look trendy as well as aesthetically beautiful. All you need to know are those shapes and sizes of your ornament which can truly enhance your features

wholesale fashion jewelry

  • Necklaces should be worn according to the volume of the piece. If you are a full figured mom, try and wear a necklace that is low on volume. If you are small and petite try and wear small, elegant jewelry. Do not wear chunky pieces for your frame.
  • If you are tall, wear a necklace around 16 inches that stays on your collarbone. V and Y shaped necklaces are great for someone who is short and wants to look taller.
  • Your facial features too are crucial. If you have a round face, wear earrings that are long and dangling. If you have a rectangular face, wear smaller studs to match your look. If you have a heart shaped face wear triangular shapes. Oval shaped faces are lucky as they can carry off almost everything.
  • Your hands too make a statement about your personality so stick to large and small bracelets according to your frame.

Current Fashion trends

Watch out for colors as they seem to be quite trendy in the world of fashion jewelry. Go for colors that look rich and bold. Amber, Green, Topaz are an excellent choice for colors.

Strong and bold designs are very much the flavor of this season. Gemstones and semi-precious stones are very much in which can be seen in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Costume jewelry should always be picked in bright colors and bold designs. Pendants, earrings and bracelets can be worn according to the theme of your event. Rhinestones and diamonds should be picked for traditional and classic events.

Fashion advice

Pick the Fashion jewelry that you love. Go by what you think is comfortable, feel good by wearing it right and flaunt it with a dash of attitude.