Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair 2018

Hair is one of the eminent parts of our looks, with a slight change in them can transform the complete appeal of a person and these day’s people are experimenting a lot with their hair. Whether it’s color, laser cut, straightening, smoothening, curling or taking some other treatment, people want to get a new look in a period of interval and for that, they take different hair treatments.

With advancing of technology numerous devices have come up in the market which can be facilely used by a layperson without much of training. Flatirons all do the same thing, but the results will vary depending on the brand and how you use them. Best flat iron for curly hair, before we get to the ‘how’ part, make sure your flat iron has the following:

100% Ceramic - Not Nano!
Now be careful here! Even the high-end professional grade flat irons will advertise ceramic plates but unless they say “100% ceramic” the plates are coated with a ceramic layer. Most high-end flat irons have a thicker coat, unlike cheaper grocery store brands. In addition, most quality flat irons last longer. If you’ve ever purchased a poor quality flat iron, you will notice the ceramic or fake coating on the plates wearing off leaving the metal exposed. Using a flat iron with exposed metal will fry your hair beyond belief. Ceramic and now tourmaline-ceramic plates are great conductors of heat so your hair will turn out silky and smooth. Beware of the word ‘nano’…it sounds cool, but it’s not!!! Nano means small, so if your flat iron says “Nano-Ceramic” you are getting a small amount of ceramic. Marketers are so tricky! Remember, price does not always determine quality.

Added Tourmaline or Titanium
When added to a ceramic flat iron or alone, tourmaline or titanium produces more negative ions so your hair turns out shinier, silkier, and smoother.

Small Plates - No More than 1 1/2 inches Wide
Natural hair is thick and requires you to flat iron your hair in small sections for the best results. Plates to large will not smooth out your curly roots.

Ability to Change Temperature Setting
You may ask yourself, “Don’t all hair straighteners feature a varied temperature setting?” The answer is amazing no. I came across several high-end hair straighteners (e.g. Chi original) with only 1 temperatures setting, typically 400 degrees. You are able to kiss your healthy curls good-bye if you always hair straightening iron at that temperatures! Developing assorted temperatures setting will help you to see what temperatures are most effective for you. For right appears, you should hardly ever need any temperatures greater than 350 degrees.