Bratislava amazing stag do activities

Bratislava amazing stag do activities

Friendship is something you truly believe in. Spending time with your friends it feels like you’re always home. Indeed, you can’t imagine life without sharing enjoyable moments with them. When one of your bros will get married, you know it’s time to start thinking about planning a stag weekend for him.

Have you ever considered going on a trip with your gang somewhere in Europe? I can strongly recommend you one of the most fascinating spot: Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

Why Bratislava?

Why Bratislava seems to be the perfect destination for a stag do? Because it has a rich cultural heritage, is a vibrant city and offers great experiences to its visitors. Another reason is that this city is not so expensive in comparison to other places in Europe.

Despite the fact is not a huge capital, is a wonderful spot with a lot of tourists attractions.

Do you need help to plan a stag weekend? Here is a list of activities that can entertain you and your mates during a stag party in Bratislava:

  1. Practice an entertaining sport which combines golf with football. If you and your gang like dynamic activities, this could be the perfect choice for your guys. You’ll be playing on a golf field, but you’ll have to use your feet instead of sticks to kick the balls.
  2. World War II Bunkers with Shooting. Slovakia has a lot of history during World War II. As a matter of fact, the old and abandoned bunkers can be recognized as authentic proofs of the incredible events from the past.
  3. Indoor Go Karting. One of the greatest choices for your stag do could be karting. You’ll be racing around approximate 25-30 minutes. A big advantage is that the activity will be unfolded indoor so you don’t have to worry about the weather.
  4. High Ropes Adventure. Guided by the professional instructor, you’ll have the chance to play on high ropes with your mates at 40f above the group. This activity will remind you a lot of childhood. In fact, you can’t miss it under no circumstances.
  5. Stag Arrest. Breaking news: Your bro is being arrested by a fake policeman. Your bromance will get to the next level when the future groom will be relieved when he’ll find out that it was only a good prank. What’s next? Laughing and joking with the rest of the guys about it while the stag will enjoy a strip show in a private room.
  6. Mud Wrestling – Naked. Two hot girls will fight for three rounds; then for another two rounds, they will fight with the stag. What’s not to like on this show?
  7. Dinner Medieval Banquet. If you’re hungry, you must know that you can have a royal feast with your boys in Bratislava. Don’t worry; there are no dress code requirements.

For further information about organizing the party, check out and decide with your friends what activities are suitable for your stag.

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