Buy Men Watches

Men watches are great accessory as they spruce up his outfit.  In addition, men watches will display his personality and lifestyle.  It is one great fashion item that is a must have for very men.  This is the reason why buying watches is one of the more popular shopping items for men.  There are some many types of watches for men in the market.  What type to buy depends on the purpose of the watch.  First thing to consider is the budget, as he will not want to break a bank.  Assuming he has a budget of 200, below is the list of men’s watches, categorised in different types that he can consider buying.

Dress Watch

A dress watch is most appropriate if his main purpose is to wear to work.  Dress watches are more formal and elegant.  The watches can be modish to , design which are suitable for corporate.  Dress watches come mostly in leather form, black or brown.  For those who prefer non leather band can consider stainless steel bracelet.

Sports Watch

Sports watch is useful for guys who are active in their lifes-style.  There are many watches under 200, which are worth considering.  When buying sports watch, he has to consider the types of sports he is embarking, so that he can ensure that the sports watch have the feature.  For example, if he is a gym rat, the sports watch must have a feature to monitor heart rate.  If he loves hiking, it must have the gps tracker and night light.  If he is an avid diver, he must choose a feature that has water resistant of 200 to 300 metres.

Nowadays, one of the best watches under 200 are the computerized wristwatches, which is an in-thing.  It is not just modish looking, but contains specialised functions.

Automatic Watch

Automatic watches are also quite popular nowadays, especially for the watch enthusiasts.  This is because they can admire and appreciate the special watch movement.  They can also wear it daily.  Some automatic watch has skeleton dial or transparent case back which lets him admire the movement. Self winding watches are sometimes termed as automatic watch as well.

Casual Watch

Another category of best watches under 200 are casual watches.  This is increasingly popular as most men has a whole collection of watches which they deem as fashion watches.  Nowadays, this type of watches tends to have bold colours.  Some men even choose rubber or nylon strap, some material that are most special and less common than the usual leather band or stainless steel bracelet.

The above list of mens watches by category will be able to help him narrow down his search and buy a 200 watch of his choice.