Élise Handbag: LUXURY | BAGS | DE LEON

The premier handbag of De Leon’s Carbon Fiber Collection, the Élise features jet black carbon fiber leather and buttery soft, genuine calf leather. Its luxe combination of materials and colors proves to be timeless, but with a unique modern edge not seen before.

While new to the clothing and accessory realm, carbon fiber has been used for decades, most notably in aerospace technology and the hyper-luxury automobile industry. The super-composite is seventeen times stronger than spider silk making it incredibly strong but flexible, UV and fire resistant, perfect for high performance applications from sporting goods to military equipment. Over the years, engineers have developed new weaves and styles, finally creating a version that looks, feels and performs just like leather. With this leather, designers have created accessories and tools that need to be strong and practical. But De Leon is one of the first to turn it into something truly beautiful.

For the one who carries the Élise, the carbon fiber leather means quality, longevity, and the ultimate conversation starter. It calls to the woman who is ready to be at the precipice of a fashion disruption, or at least the center of attention, as it will change the way designers use and source materials. While the carbon fiber is new and exotic, the calf leather has classic roots that keep the handbag timeless. De Leon has mastered the use of both materials, showcasing superb craftsmanship at an editorial level.

Undoubtedly feminine, the Élise maintains sophistication, elegance and refinement. It has just a touch of edge, an alluring nod to the hyper-luxury realm by which it was partly inspired.

Each Élise features black carbon fiber leather, along with calf leather in either elegant white, majestic black, or delicate beige. Custom hardware is available in silver or gold, and the exterior features two side pockets and a removable shoulder strap that is adjustable. The interior features a custom stitched lining, two pockets, and one zipper pocket.

Ideal for any use, from a special event to an everyday staple, the Élise is a promising peek into what is yet to come from De Leon’s innovative collection. It is making its debut on Kickstarter January of 2018