Hair Care Tips For Frizzy Hair during Winter

In this season of frosty climate with woolen sheaths, and sipping hot coffee, it’s also kind of nightmare for girls having frizzy hair. For them the biggest beauty challenge is to find the perfect solutions to tame their frizzy mane. Managing hair, especially for people who has frizzy tresses is extremely difficult. Frizzy hair has few dominant characteristics like they looks dry, stranded hair away from scalp, no sign of shine at all, few split ends, and not to forget mini halo of frizzy hair outlining the head.

Below are few tips and hair care solutions to tame the fried looking hair, and protect your hair from winter freeze, and thus it will make you look best with perfect hair-do this

  1. Use home-made hair mask to get back the shine of the tresses. You may use home-made hair mask like avocado, lime and olive oil hair pack. Here is the recipe of Avacado hair mask, make a paste of mashed avocado, few drops of lime and 2 teaspoon of olive oil, apply this mixture generously and wash after 30 minutes with cold running water
  2. Rinse with your hair with a mug of beer and let it stay for 5-7 seven minutes. This will bring back the shine to your dull and frizzy hair, and will be much manageable than before.
  3. After doing a hair wash, pour some apple cider vinegar diluted in water into your hair, from root to tip. And rinse it after 2-5 minutes with cold water.
  4. Say no to hair products which have little or more amount of alcohol. Alcohol can dry out your hair nutrient leaving your hair dull, lifeless, and even more frizzy hair
  5. Make sure you treat your hair with mild shampoo which has no harsh harmful ingredients.
  6. Unless you have fine hair, you should always be looking for a deep conditioner and leave it in for 5 minutes before washing it out.
  7. Use Protein hair cream once in a week. You may find various options to buy protein hair cream through fashion online shopping websites to keep your frizzy hair tangles free.
  8. Use raw egg to hydrate your hair. Eggs are very much famous for revitalizing your hair follicles and taming the frizzy mane. How to apply egg on your hair? It’s easy peasy, take an egg and separates the yolk from the whites. Then, mix the whites with olive oil and lemon in a bowl and apply the mixture evenly and generously all over your hair. Leave the egg mask for 30 minutes and wash it out with shampoo.
  9. Use hair serum on semi-moist or damp hair and then proceed for styling with wide tooth comb. Also when getting your hair straighten or curly, please don’t forget to use the serum, to keep the nutrients intact in hair. Moroccan serum is most widely used to style the frizzy fried hair.
  10. Say no to high heat styling gadgets like hair curlers or straighteners or heating rods. These hair styling gadgets with high volume of heat dries the moisture and PH level from hair and leaves it dried and frizzy after a hair wash.

I hope the above mentioned hair care tips and solutions will keep your winters free from frizzy hair, leaving manageable and silky tresses with latest fashion trends.