How to Spice Up Your Home with Your Hunting Trophies

Your home is a sanctuary, the place you retire to after an arduous day in the office. Most folks will go every length to make this space welcoming.  Interior designers encourage homeowners to decorate their living spaces with a theme that connects with what they love.  If you are a hunter, it goes without saying that your interior décor should reflect your love for the wild. America boasts 14 million hunters translating into millions of beautifully decorated homes.

 If you have been looking for the ideal décor themes for your property, you don’t have to look far. Your trophy room has the gems to revolutionize your property.

Hunters are a proud lot and this is evident in the way they keep talking about their conquests.  Whether they have just brought in a squirrel or the best whitetail trophy form Wisconsin, there is no arguing about the value hunters place on their kill.  If you are an avid hunter, you can easily turn your boring living space into a magnificent welcoming place where guests will want to spend some more time.

You might have collected multiple trophies along the way but using them for your décor is not that easy. Here are some ideas on how to get it done:

  1. Get an Expert Taxidermist

Every hunting city has a professional taxidermist and if you want your trophies to give that authentic appeal, let the professionals do their work. These experts work on the most complex kills to give you a fantastic trophy that will prove to be the focal point of your décor. Whatever the situation, always take your trophy to a professional taxidermist to enjoy professional services.

  1. Work on the Walls

Your walls are going to provide a backdrop for the trophies and if you want to get the best impact, make sure they look as natural as possible.  A warm taupe color is the best choice if you are looking for an authentic contrast that will bring your trophy to life. If you really want to emphasize on the trophies, make sure the walls reflect a hunting theme. Whites and dark colors are the worst contrasts you can ever choose.

  1. Optimize the Lighting

You are a hunter, right? Your guests will most likely have some inclination to hunting and to make them feel at home, your décor should focus on the trophies.  Recessed lights to subtly highlight the trophies work great and they bring your trophies to life.  Every visitor will be visually invited to catch a glimpse of the décor setup and you can bet they will admire what they are seeing.

  1. Space Out

You have hunted for the last 20 years and no one can take this from you. However, when it comes to décor setup, you have to avoid overcrowding your home with every trophy you have ever collected.  There are clubs that accept members’ trophies and display them on their facilities. At home, make sure you just have the prize trophies in key areas of your living space. Crowding all the mounts together ruins an otherwise ingenious decorative idea and turns your hitherto welcoming house into a ghoulish club.

Still wondering how to turn your home into a welcoming hunter’s paradise? Now 38 million Americans hunt and fish and this means there are many people around to borrow decorating ideas from. Play around with the trophies and the effect will be mind-boggling.