Modelling Tips for Keeping Your Skin Camera-Ready

Keeping your skin camera-ready is essential for any model. Male models, just like their female counterparts have to be proficient in skincare in order to beat the competition and keep their modelling agency happy. Below are some skincare routines that every model or aspiring model out there needs to know.

Use toner in place of a face wash every morning

If you seem to be having breakouts way too often despite your best attempts to keep your face clean at all times, there is a very likelihood that you are the one worsening the problem. If you have made it a habit to wash your face every time you can, then there is a good chance that you are overdoing it. Washing your face way too often strips it off of the natural sebum that keeps it moisturised. As a result, your grease gland goes into overproduction mode. Then you get breakouts.

A good way to remedy this would be to replace those rather harsh face wash products with toner when you wake up in the morning. Cleansing is best done at night. Using a toner for your morning ritual allows the pH level of your skin to be balanced out so it will not be too dry nor too oily.

Keep a consistent weight and reduce sugar

Cutting back on your sugar intake can do wonders to your health, but it can do a lot of wonders to your skin too. Sugar can easily cause breakouts. It can lead to your skin prematurely ageing too. Sugar in the bloodstream has been known to destroy elastin, which keeps the skin firm, and collagen. Yo-yo dieting is a no-no too. It causes your weight to fluctuate which then causes your skin to stretch out. Keep a consistent weight and your skin will thank you for it.

Hydration is important and make sure to moisturise

Drinking a lot of water every day is doing your skin a lot of favour. Most professionals recommend that you should drink water the amount of at least half of your bodyweight every day. Not only is this going to keep you properly hydrated, it is going to help improve your complexion too. Of course, make sure not to skip out on the moisturiser. Apply it regularly to achieve that radiant, wrinkle-free, and clear skin.

Exercise regularly

There is nothing that beats that flushed-out and healthy glow you get after an exercise session. It is good for you since it allows the nutrients and the blood to rush to your skin surface. This stimulates the skin which then helps keep your appearance healthy and young. Having a quick session before a shoot will ensure you look pumped.

Skin care is one of the most important things that every model needs to master if they are to make it in the business. Keep ahead of the game and learn more modelling agency tips online.