Office Shoes: Choosing Between Flats and Heels

How do you wear your shoes to work? For men, the answer to this question is easy: they get hold of a pair of leather shoes to match their shirt and slacks then they are ready to go. The answer can be a bit trickier for women, mainly because they while they have to look smart, they also have to maintain a fashionable vibe while at the office.

If you happen to be a fashion-forward lady working in the corporate world, then it is downright essential that you wear the right pair of shoes when at work. This is because your shoes help define your overall aura when doing business. With the right pair of shoes on your feet, the more confident you become when dealing with clients, hosting presentations, and other spearheading other kinds of office and corporate tasks.

Office shoes practically come in two types: flats and heels. But when and where should you wear these shoes? Here are some tips:

Flats vs. Heels

  1. When meeting clients, wear heels.

Heeled shoes for women are popular in corporate outfits, and they are highly recommended to be worn during client meetings. Heels make you look taller and more confident, and they also give you an air of authority when speaking with potential partners.

Heels during client meetings need not be too high; they can be just around 2 to 4 inches, and may be in the form of boots or pointed tips. It is downright important that you not only look tall in your shoes, but feel comfortable too.

  1. Flats work well in and out of office.

If you don’t have anything special to do at the office, then you may settle for flats or low-heeled shoes. These types of shoes allow great comfort and freedom of movement, so you can run around without feeling the same strain as you do with high heels.

Flats are also recommended if you are going to do outdoor tasks such as ocular inspections. This is because you will be spending a lot of time walking far distances, and you will definitely need shoes that can keep up with your physical activity.

  1. Stilettos do the trick during corporate events.

If you want to shine out during corporate events, then it is best that you wear stilettos. Stilettos give you the height and confidence you need as you rub elbows with VIPs. These shoes also work well with different types of outfits, so it doesn’t matter if you choose to don a dress or wear a pair of pants to the event.

Stilettos also give you an air of authority and command; by wearing these shoes you attract attention and recall, which is good especially if these the goals you want to hit during the event.

Other tips

If you are going to invest on office shoes for women, you may want to go with those with pointed tips. Pointed shoes, regardless of being high or low-heeled, work well with office and corporate outfits. They can be matched with office uniforms or paired with casual shirts and jeans to achieve a smarter and more confident look.

It is also best to stick with the shades of black, white, grey, and nude. These colours maintain the sense of formality and complement different kinds of office attire.

Lastly, you may want to do regular maintenance checks on your shoes. Over time the heels and soles wear out, and it is a must that you have these replace to prevent the shoes from becoming totally damaged. This way, you can still enjoy the benefits of your office shoes for a longer period of time.