Siragusa Apparel introduces The Notch Collar Men’s Dress Shirt

Siragusa Apparel, is thrilled to announce the Kickstarter launch of the Notch Collar! They are certain the innovative patented design will create a ripple effect within the men’s fashion industry!


Men’s Dress Shirt Re-Invented

Over a decade ago Paul and his father thought, “I’m tired of my collar appearing sloppy.” So they put pen to paper and scissors to fabrics to create prototypes which were hand made. Paul’s father, Epifanio, took these prototypes to Leighton Brothers, a premier clothier in Manhattan. They loved the design and ordered 300 shirts!

The father and son team invested in the manufacturing of the shirt and met the production deadline. The store sold out in 3 days! At the time the collars had to be handmade. They couldn’t find a manufacturer that would take on the design. They knew they were onto something big. As a result, they focused on the patent that they have recently been issued, but sadly not before Epifanio’s passing in 2012.

The patent approval was another notch in the belt of perseverance and commitment. Paul continued his education in the shirt making and textile industry. He surrounded himself with custom suit and shirt makers, entrepreneurs, and other advisors. Paul formed a small team to put together the roadmap to success.

The Notch Collar team is starting out with the classic white button down shirt and kicking it up a notch. The patented shirt collar features a distinct curved notch on each side of the collar. By adding these notches, the front of the collar rests along a wearer’s jacket and consistently stands upright. We like to refer to this look as “popping your collar”! The Notch Collar Signature Collection includes an elegant rounded collar, angled barrel cuffs, contrast stitching and marble shirt buttons. You can also choose between several different colored inlays that will give your shirt an extra added touch of class.

The Notch Collar shirt is designed for an exciting new look. It is modern, sleek and functional. Whether you are applying for your first real job, or are a boardroom professional closing the next deal, our shirts will have you looking and feeling top notch.

Not a day goes by that Paul doesn’t think about his father. He’s reminded of his father and how hard he worked after he immigrated from Tusa, Italy. He literally gave the shirt off his back to help others. The company continues the same values as they team with Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. A non-profit organization, that empowers veterans with many different services. Siragusa Apparel is donating $5 per shirt sold to support our veterans.

Take a look at this exciting, innovative shirt. You can save up to 40% off retail if you back them now with a pledge to their Kickstarter. Check them out on Kickstarter now!