The Best Neck Cream - Are Stem Cells Involved?

For a long time now, the best neck cream products on the market have been nothing more than wrinkle creams for the face, just ‘reinvented’ and presented to the consumer as a product made just for the neck. However, there are many differences in the challenges of treating the neck area, with those presented in treating basic facial wrinkles. This article is going to take a look at some of the key differences in treating the neck area vs. the face, and one breakthrough ingredient that when included in a neck cream, can make a significant improvement in our ability to restore the neck area.

One main difference that can’t be ignored when treating the neck with a cream is that the wrinkles are much deeper than those of the face. A basic wrinkle cream just isn’t capable of penetrating deep enough to cause any benefit to these deeply entrenched and stubborn wrinkles. Therefore, a neck cream has to have some ingredients, which can really penetrate, all the way down to the cellular level of the skin. Getting a moisturizer onto this type of wrinkle is nice, but it’s not going to produce any visible results. The best neck cream will have several ingredients, which work on the cellular level (like peptides) and combine them with others that can add moisture, remove discolorations, and lift that saggy neck skin.


Another challenge that the neck area presents, which is impossible for a basic wrinkle cream to tackle is the extensive sun damage that the neck endures. Normally people protect their faces with a hat or some sun block. However, the poor old neck (and back of the neck) was somewhat ignored and took year after year of hot sun baking down on it. This contributes to the deep wrinkles, but also stains the skin with age spots or sunspots. This symptom is another crucial thing that a neck cream must be able to treat. When looking for a neck cream to buy, you should be sure that it has some ingredient in it, which can lighten the appearance of the discolored areas caused by the sun damage that your neck received over the years.

The loose skin of the neck, commonly referred to as “Turkey neck” is another symptom that the best neck cream must treat. Obviously, there is no skin this saggy on the face, so no basic wrinkle cream has been made that can effectively treat the neck’s saggy skin. Therefore, the best neck cream must have some lifting and tightening agents in it that can really perform. We’re not looking for one of those sticky “instant” products that pull the skin. Rather, we’re looking for a product that can painlessly lift the skin, and provide moisture at the same time. If you can find a neck cream with this type of ingredient on it’s list, you just might have found a winner.

The last thing that the best neck cream must have is some breakthrough science behind it. For years, there have been wrinkle creams which did nothing to the neck area, so why would we think now, that the same old ingredients might be able to restore that young looking, firm neck we had back in high school? They won’t. However, there is a new ingredient that some high end, expensive neck creams are now including. I’m talking about Stem Cells. Mainly, they are derived from plant stem cells. A stem cell is an unprogrammed cell, which means that it’s a cell that has yet to be told what it is… So, scientists have the ability to make these cells regenerate whatever kind of old cells they want replaced. The science is amazing when applied to wrinkle creams. We have finally found a way to actually regenerate the dead or inactive cells in our saggy necks with live, vibrant new cells. This will dramatically increase the rate and degree to which neck creams (and wrinkle creams for that matter) can provide an anti aging effect to the skin.

The differences we discussed in this article, between a neck cream and a wrinkle cream will hopefully help you find the best neck cream you can afford. At least, you’ll be able to identify which are truly authentically made for the neck, and which are just reborn wrinkle creams in a “neck cream” package. If you find one with Stem Cells in it, hey you just might have found the fountain of youth. Take your time when shopping, and your skin will be all the happier with the choice of neck cream you buy.