The Convertible Eyebrow Review, The Brow Gal

The product I am talking about is called The Convertible Eyebrow; it’s a wet/dry powder and pomade duo and in case you are interested to learn more about it, then please keep on scrolling!

The Brow Gal is a brand very close to my heart. I had been blessed to meet Tonya Crooks back in May - Tonya is a Hollywood brow-skilled; she works using a number of A-list stars including Fergie, Megan Fox, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears just to name a few. The Convertible Brow is her newest baby and it’s also her first “powder” product in the line.

Packaging & Colour Choice
If you have seen other The Brow Gal products, then you’ll be more or less acquainted with the brand’s trademark black packaging: it’s glossy, uncomplicated and yet well made. Here you do get quite a bit of product plus a tiny mirror, which is always a good thing

There are there are only three palettes to select from: 01 (dark hair), 02 (medium hair) and 03 (light hair). The one I have is 01 and it offers three different colours to produce an ideal custom eyebrow. Here you get a somewhat warm brown, medium grey-toned brown and dark blackish-brown. Even the lightest brown here has a very distinguishing cool undertone, which implies that all those shades will appear very natural and flattering against your hair/skin colour.

Program & Tools
Thankfully no rubbish mini-angled brushes come with The Convertible Eyebrow; but you’ll still should invest in at least one dual-stopped brow brush. So to fill in and brush during your eyebrows in one go.

I really like Tonya’s new Brow Brush; it’s nicely formed synthetic bristles, which are simple to use and clean. This tool is also not as expensive as some of its competitors retailing for 14 USD only (considering this is a high end brand), which I believe is a good deal.

Now, you will find many ways you can apply The Convertible Brow. For starters, you are able to use it wet or dry. When shaping/filling in your eyebrows, Tonya advocates working from left to right and beginning underneath the brow first. Once you’ve sketched a service line, you then draw a parallel line across the most notable of the brow, so that both lines meet at the tail. You then fill in any sparse or empty forehead regions. To avoid any harsh edges, you always have the option to use your spoolie to softly brush through the colour.

To use this merchandise wet, simply dampen an angled side of your brush (good old water works just fine) and then dip it into the powder. Since this really is a unique “dual” formula, the powder itself will not be ruined, but it might get a touch crusty. In this way you also won’t dilute the pigment.

It will not really matter whether you’re using this product wet or dry - the powder/pomade does continue amazingly nicely on the eyebrows. It’s not a watertight product, so that it may be smudged a little. But if you are careful enough along with your work of art(let us face it: all the shaping and filling demands some artistic skills!) then you will be good.

I thinkThe Brow Ga lteam did an excellent job with The Convertible Eyebrow. It really is very pigmented, simple to employ/mix/wear and I can’t even point a single negative thing to say about it. The colour variety is excellent as well; coming from someone with a very dark hair, I must state that not every (even most well-known) brand out there’s a color variety this good with all different hair colours in mind (including black, which can be even trickier than blond). I give this product two thumbs up!

On a side note, a couple of my girlfriends have just completed their certification to become HDi 3D Embroidery Brow (also known as “microblading”) technicians and love their work so far! I’m seriously considering becoming certified myself and am going to check out the training offered at Foxy Face as they offer the top rated and preferred training in North America, via Lash Forever Canada. I’ll keep you guys posted on that!