Top Reasons You Need to Own a Pair of Sandals

Life is never complete without a pair of sandals. In fact, people have been wearing them way before shoes were invented, and due to their simple and functional design, sandals have sure withstood the test of time. They are easy to wear and are almost always comfortable on the feet, and they serve as the middle ground between shoes and slippers.

So why should you own a pair of sandals? Well, aside from being an essential item in your closet, a pair of sandals can do you wonders, not only in terms of fashion but also when addressing your footwear needs. Here are the top reasons why:

  1. They give a balance between comfort and style.

There are instances where you want your feet to stay comfortable but at the same time you also need to look a bit formal, and during these times neither your best shoes nor your slippers can do the job right.

Sandals on the other hand give you a balance between comfort and fashion. They provide enough room for your feet to move and not keep them enclosed compared to the typical shoes. They also allow you to look prim and smart without going beyond your chosen style for the day.

  1. Sandals can also be a substitute for shoes.

Depending on the occasion, you can substitute your shoes with a pair of sandals, especially when you’re trying to do a subtle version of your signature style. You can wear your sandals to the office provided that you don’t violate dress code regulations, or to a date in case you want to look a little less formal.

Sandals are also perfect when running errands due to their comfortable design and structure. The feet are able to breathe and move with easy while walking long distances, and at the same time they are kept protected from possible injury.

  1. Sandals are more useful than slippers.

We can’t deny the fact that slippers are among the most casual types of footwear ever invented. However, even if they come in rather glam designs, they still remain casual. Sandals on the other hand can be used for both formal and casual events, and it all depends on how they are matched with one’s clothes.

Also, sandals are built to be more durable compared to slippers; if in case you are the type who likes going out for walks, then it is better to invest on sandals instead of slip-ons. With a pair of sandals you can walk not only far distances but also on different terrains, and your feet are kept at ease all throughout.

  1. Sandals can be worn even during cold weather conditions.

Many people think that sandals are ideally worn during the hotter and drier months of the year only, but this is just a mere misconception. In fact, you can still wear sandals during the colder months and look fabulous on them.

Indeed, sandals expose the feet more to the external environment compared to the typical closed shoes, but this can be complemented by wearing socks, stockings, or leg warmers. It all boils down on how you mix and match your fashion pieces based on your need.

  1. Sandals are often lightweight.

Sandals are preferred by most people not only because of their comfortable design and structure; they are also lightweight compared to shoes. Being lightweight allows the feet better movement and flexibility, and in turn you are able to walk faster. This is a big perk especially for people who are in a hurry, since they need footwear pieces that are light and easy for the feet to carry, and not feel dragged with each and every step.