Up Close and Personal: Why Makeup Artistry is a Caring Profession

On a scale of one to ten, how confident do you feel first thing in the morning when you catch sight of yourself, crumpled, bleary-eyed and unmade-up?  There are probably very few people who feel as pleased with a ‘fresh faced’ appearance as they do once they’ve invested a little time in sprucing themselves up.  Some of us may even be guilty of wearing just a little bit of something overnight, just so we’re not too much of a shock to ourselves and the person lying next to us when we wake up in the morning.

It is incredible just how naked and vulnerable we can feel if we’re caught unawares without a scrap of makeup on, and for many of us the idea of leaving the house completely bare-faced is out of the question.  Feeling less than attractive can leave us lacking in confidence and downright miserable, which is why most of us hide that unmade-up side of ourselves away from all but a few close intimates.

There is some argument to be made, then, that makeup artistry is something of a ‘caring profession’.  While nurses and doctors offer physical care, the work carried out by makeup artists tends to a deep emotional need to look and feel our best, which in an increasingly image-conscious world should not be undervalued.  There is a psychological benefit to feeling beautiful – it provides a confidence boost, enhances our emotional well being and helps give us a positive outlook on things, and we all know that good mental health contributes to better physical health.

Makeup Artistry

Whether your client is nervously awaiting a march down the catwalk or a walk up the aisle, they are offering up to you their most vulnerable side.  Naked and exposed, the art of beauty is an incredibly intimate experience which gives you access to a side of your client which the rest of the world is not privileged to know.  They can probably count on one hand the people - other than you - who they would allow to see them unmade-up.  When they have to face the world and be the centre of attention, they are placing complete faith in you to prepare them and make them as beautiful as possible.

Lucy’s Beauty Box, are well aware of how important it is for your clients to have that faith in you, and faith is built on professionalism.  With a fantastic range of clear makeup organizers to choose from, buying an acrylic cosmetic organizer from us allows you to arrange your products in a clear, simple and logical way, which means you can find what you need, when you need it.  Our organizers make transporting your collection beautifully easy, which means you’re more efficient when it comes to looking after your clients.

Given the intimate nature of beauty and makeup artistry, it’s little wonder that many beauticians find they make firm friendships with the people they serve – this is one of those unique professions where your customers regularly consider you their friend.  That’s what makes our work so rewarding, and why we should think of ourselves as a caring profession.