Younique 3D Fiber Mascara review

Younique mascara has reserved social media by storm. You might have seen the astonishing “before and after” picture on Facebook or else Instagram. Women are posting picture of their hardly there eyelash in “before” picture next to their astonishingly long lash shown in “after” picture. A Facebook friend who sells Younique posted photo of her own before and after the difference was so extreme, I had to purchase it to try it for myself.

Nevertheless who doesn’t want long, succulent lashes without having to experience lash glue or else fake lashes sewn on to your real one?

At the time, I had no idea that you can buy Younique product from and sidestep your friend-who-is-a-sales person. So I paid quite lots of money for the mascara (just below $40) and initially adored it so much that I was borderline hooked for a few weeks.

The product really worked. I wore it day also night and got a kick out of doing one eye up whilst leaving the other eye bare — my own before plus after. “Wow,” I thought, “I have found the most astonishing mascara ever.”

And then the fascination wore off. Partly since I’m a new mom and don’t have a lot of reason to go out on the city. Partly since I’ve never been one to wear load of apparent makeup and this mascara is pretty apparent.

A Delicate Application

 Younique Fiber Mascara is difficult to apply.

The package approaches with 2 tubes: a transplant gel you apply first, also a tube of the fiber, which stick to the gel.

The key is to apply the transplant gel, then apply the fiber, and then apply the transplant gel after. Easy right?

It’s not as simple as applying mascara and it is sort of a hassle to go between 2 tubes.

youniquelooksmallThe Results

There is no doubting the result of this Younique mascara. My lash has never, ever looked this complete and long with mascara alone. To acquire this length, I’d have to go with fake lashes. When I was fascinated, I loved it so much that I wore it utmost every day for a couple of weeks. Usually, it is recommended to use Younique for particular occasion or for going out at night, as I had a 5-month-old at home, thus I was in more nights than out.

Thus, I took my alluring lashes out by day, not only at night.

No one complimented me on my marvelous eyelashes whilst I wore the mascara, however it’s not like I was fluttering them in people’s face. And I like to look as natural as probable, so if people take notice of my lash, that may not be a great thing. I am one of those persons who notice remarkably long lashes and I almost all the time assume the lashes are fake and professionally applied otherwise the wearer is using Latisse or else some other scary eyelash enlargement product that costs $$$ as well as is not FDA approved.